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Tennis Season 2020 - COVID Rules 

May 29th Update:  

   We have received permission from the City to open our tennis courts under which we all will be governed by NEW and very strict rules and constraints.  

As you can see we set up the nets and windscreens and have cleaned the courts for you.

The City of Pickering and Province of Ontario have put in place very strict rules and we have attached a waiver (see Whats' New section to the left on this web page) that you must carefully read and sign and submit BEFORE you can play along with your payment and registration FORM (see What's New section to the left of this webpage).  This waiver reflects all the "Phase 1 Re-Opening Rules and Policies" and conditions necessary in order for you to does put ALL the responsibility on YOU as a member !  

As a key condition of operating under COVID rules, all play on the courts must be tracked.  Following your match, you are required to email the full names of both players and the time you played on our courts to 


 To become a member or renew your registration please complete BOTH the Registration FORM and the Waiver FORM, sign both and either email the completed forms to or drop the completed forms off at 1236 Fieldstone Circle, Pickering.  You can also pay electronically to or include a cheque when you drop off the forms.

Gate Code will be provided via email following your registration. 

Any questions feel free to email us at or reach  James Unger at 416-884-4935 or Yves Danteu at 647-836 4319  for ANY questions.

 We hope everyone has a great and safe upcoming tennis season.  As always, I will remind everyone that this tennis club is a volunteer, non-profit organization.  We appreciate any help, suggestions and advice for making our club the best it can be.

See you on the courts and most importantly be SAFE and FOLLOW these strict Rules please ! 

James Unger

MRTC Executive


About Us
Maple Ridge Tennis Club is
a community organized tennis club located in Pickering.  With two hard-courts surrounded by Maple Ridge Neighborhood
Park, our club offers a vibrant, fun and enjoyable experience
for all tennis fans. 



Maple Ridge Tennis Club offers very affordable
 membership rates for all
levels of players.  From  beginners wanting to take
up a new hobby, or
seasoned vets, our club
has a program for you. 
Join today!


Why Maple Ridge?

 Why pick Maple Ridge Tennis Club over other tennis clubs located in Pickering?  Court time!  Given the small size of our club, we can almost guarantee that playing time is available for all members wanting to play in leagues or just recreationally.  No more waiting!!

Volunteers Needed

Our club is ALWAYS looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in contributing to the local community, looking for High School volunteer opportunities or just interested in getting more involved in the sport of tennis, please reach out to us.  Volunteering for your community looks great on your resume and is a wonderful personal development opportunity.  

Opportunities are available for:

  • Court Maintenance 
  • Social/Tournament Coordinator
  • Executive Committee